Monthly Archives: December 2016

Are we ready for the digital revolution?

Lets talk about something running viral these days in India, the digital revolution, which the government is pacing fast after the act of demonetisation. With digital payments rate soaring high, and trying to transform India cashless, do we really feel we are ready to adopt such? Mentioning a brief list of factors that might make us think before adopting cashless system completely.
Do we have a stable Internet Connection?
Are we stable on connections? Can we ensure all the payments people make will go smoothly? India has covered around 36% of its area under 4g services. But what for the rest? Even if the connections are stable, can we ensure that the banking servers will be stable throughout?
Are digital payments completely secure?
Can we ensure the security of a digital payment? Survey says that since demonetisation, cyber hacks have increased by 1.3x.
Service commissions shall eat up!
With almost every company providing free services for online payments till March’17, but what beyond? No one works for losses. “A banker will lend you his umbrella when it’s shining but will take it back from you the moment it begins to rain”.
Does everyone own a smartphone?
If not, then what’s the plan for them? Is the offline mode of payment an unsuccessful move?
To transform India digital, let the measures be taken for the good of all, and bring ahead such technology that is easy to use and adoptable by all.